Curiosity Won't Kill You (It'll Heal You)

Personally, I haven’t seen a cat die from being curious. A few close calls, maybe. But overall, the cat learns from being curious. And so do you.

Why is there a fear of being curious? That’s a curious question! Instead, let’s reverse that question: what is healthy about being curious? In my own recent reading, I started seeing “curiosity” pop up more and more. It is as if the universe is saying to me, “Ryan, you need to be more curious! Stop being afraid to ask questions!” It is time for me (and you) to look more behind Oz’s curtain and see how things really work.

In Cory Muscara‘s latest book, STOP MISSING YOUR LIFE , he has a fantastic acronym (I LOVE acronyms) for staying present: FACE: Focus, Allow, Curious, Embrace. We’ll have time to talk about these items in various facets throughout this site, but what struck me is using curiosity as a tool to bring presence.

Another example of running into the power of curiosity is through Laurie Cameron‘s teaching, such as in her audio book The Power of Self-Compassion. This rebounds me to the original question: does curiosity kill, or does it heal? For self-compassion purposes, it is a healing agent. To be present, to face the fear, and to dig deeper is a power that unleashes your person inner energy.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

In a post by Dave Schools, he talks about how powerful and easy small talk can be by asking questions that start with, “I’m curious…” This can go way beyond small talk and into every piece of your life. Here are some example of questions you can begin asking:

  • What about this do I believe?
  • What about this don’t I know?
  • How do I feel about the opposite opinion?
  • What challenges does that other person face?
  • What are my feelings about this moment, right now?

As you read more of this site, you’ll find more questions to ask and more ways to be curious. You’ll notice the power of things that may have been too small in the past and overlooked. In all, you’ll be given back more of your life.

It’s time to start living.

Hug Life
This cat is living dangerous…daring to be curious!


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