What are you looking at?

Have you walked down the path, only to get stuck? Are there obstacles in your way that are too daunting? Before you turn around: wait. Be. Look at your obstacle again.

The obstacle has a reason

If there is a tug within your soul to walk a certain path, to pursue a certain dream, then the universe will find a way for you to achieve that dream. This includes what may look like an obstacle, but is really the universe’s way of adding steps or a ladder to get to the next phase of your goal’s pursuit.

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In an earlier post, we talked about FACE: focus, allowing, curiosity, and embracing. This applies so truly here. Have the presence and curiosity about what is in front of you. Look at it. Look at it again. Sometimes our reactions tell us what we are looking at is something different than what our heart is trying to tell us about what we are seeing.

Is it an obstacle or an opportunity?

In this new life event, is it a problem? Or, is it an opportunity for growth? Do you perceive this moment as something actively working against you, or is it like the weight-lifter’s resistance in your life, making you stronger?

Maybe it isn’t a problem. Perhaps you have been given what appears to be an opportunity or a blessing. A new job, a bigger paycheck, or a broader perspective usually means “run with it.” What would happen if we practiced pausing in both the seemingly difficult and the good times?

Is this moment a chance to grow? Is it a chance to give? Is it a chance to broaden? Is it a chance to change? What is this moment presenting and what will you do with it?

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