Your Primal Need

When your life feels like it is missing just one piece, when it feels like everything should line up, but it doesn’t, chances are, you are missing that one primal need: complete, unadulterated, indescribable, irrefutable, and–most importantly–unconditional LOVE.

What is love?

If you were to look at a text that is nearly 2,000 years old, you would get the definition of love as: patience, kindness, humble, selfless, non-judgmental, protective, trusting, hopeful, never-failing. About 600 years before that text (Bible, 1 Corinthians 13) was written, Buddha taught about the four pillars of love being: loving-kindness (bringing happiness), compassion, joy, and equanimity.

And, if you were to go another 600 years before that, Lao Tzu wrote both, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Furthermore, and maybe more importantly, “love is a decision. Not an emotion.”

“Love is a decision. Not an emotion.” – Lao Tzu

But, do we really have a sense of what love is? This site, along with many, many books can try and define love, but inherently the question “what is love?” stands alongside “who am I?” as the two most important questions that can only be answered internally.

What then is the need?

While the definition for love may be ambiguous the need for the fulfilling of love certainly is not–it is clear. Everyone needs love. Your boss needs love. Your neighbor needs love. Your pets need love. And, perhaps most importantly, YOU NEED LOVE.

Being loved is a primal need. You have a need to have love. You have a need to give love. You have a need to be wanted. You have a need to be cherished. Yet, so does everyone else. It is a loop that needs completed. They need love. You need love. Everyone must be able to give and to share and to receive love. It is a loop that begins with you.

The love loop begins with you

Choose yourself today. Give yourself a hug. Give yourself compassion. Give yourself permission to be you. We’ve heard the golden rule “love others as you love yourself”, but if you don’t love others, how can you love yourself. You can only love each other as much as you love yourself. Love others–as you love yourself.

You can only love others as much as you are able to love yourself.

There is a recent article that says there are three words that are more of a catalyst than “I love you”. Those words are “I appreciate you.” The question is, when is the last time you’ve said those words to yourserlf? Today, I dare you to say these words to yourself:

  • I love you
  • I appreciate you
  • I choose you

Do you mean it? Can you really say it to yourself and feel it? I love you. I appreciate you. I choose you.

Today, how are you going to choose yourself?


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