The Energy Tightrope

The Tao of energy

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Yesterday, we spoke of the power of love: to be loved, and to love. Most importantly, we spoke of the power to love oneself. This is where energy come from. Energy comes from being able to choose yourself…to love yourself.

Energy brings forth creation. Creation brings forth beauty. In beauty, it is easy to be curious. In curiosity, energy abounds. The tightrope is quite easy to be walked. Do when doing is necessary. Be when being is necessary. Energy flows when needed. Energy is not forced. Energy flows.

Creativity is an energy

Here’s a bonus article: A Zen Master’s tips for staying sane in challenging times. With COVID-19 and Coronavirus hitting us in the face with every internet click and TV channel flick, it is important to realize that we still have choice. Within our choice, comes energy. The more we flex our choice muscle, the more energy we create for ourselves. Yes, decision wears us down, but choice is a power. Deciding takes energy. Choosing makes energy.

It is important to choose yourself. Similar to the zen master’s article above, and similar to the Tao Te Ching in our opening picture, we can begin to see that energy comes from within. It comes from the balance of doing and not doing. Beyond Zen and Tao, even mainstream companies are recognizing that energy is a source of power and creation that can seem bottomless.

Choose yourself

This is important: choose yourself. That’s where the energy resides. It resides within YOU. Pamper yourself, grow yourself, choose yourself. in the book MANAGE YOUR DAY-TO-DAY, a collection of authors gather around this central theme: to have the most effective day, you must choose yourself. As we mentioned yesterday, Marshall McLulan ecoes, “Everything is an extension of our desire for connection.” That connection begins with you. Also in that book, “A professional showss up every day…a professional takes neither success nore failure personally.” It is about showing up. It is about choosing yourself. It is about choosing love and presence in your day-to-day.

Today is the day to choose whether you grow or you stay fixed. Whether you love yourself or you loath yourself. You can choose to be curious. You can choose to be creative. You can choose to do something positive, showing that you care for yourself and then you can witness your inner energy bubble up and you may never know if it’ll ever end. Balancing your love is power within itself.

This day is yours. This life is yours. It is time to love yourself. It is time to choose yourself.


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