Lessons on Presence (From a Dog)

Just Be You

Eckhart Tolle wrote an essential book in THE POWER OF NOW. He also has another book that I would recommend as essential and that is THE GUARDIANS OF BEING. In its esssence, both cats and dogs are the masters of being. They just are. They don’t care if you think they are overweight or lazy or crazy or boring. They. Just. Are.

If you want to stop and sniff…

Have you ever walked a dog and had them stop suddenly in their tracks? Despite their smaller weight than you, they were able to halt you, too. They use all four of their paws and all their body’s weight and desire to resist moving any further. They simple MUST investigate this new smell or thing that caught their attention.

Have you ever seen something that caught your attention, but you just kept going? Did you keep walking? What would have happened if you paused and gave whatever it was all of your attention. What if you begun to be present and dig in and be curious about it? What is it in your life that you are striving for? Maybe this thing is the universe’s way of helping you learn, grow, or even get closer to what you want in your life’s journey.

If you want to take a nap…

Sometimes it seems like dogs have two speeds: on and off. They can be frolicking and active, working and playing and then the next moment they are at complete peace, drifting off into a silent slumber. Is it that their thoughts cease? Or perhaps..

They are giving themselves permission. They realize that the ball will be there another hour. Or, if not, that’s okay. Something new will come. Something new may not come. Again, it is okay. Whatever is…is.

There is a stigma to rest, but is this only for humans? Dogs and cats seem to have an instinct about what their body needs: food, rest, or sometimes just stare blankly out the window. It is what they need. It is what you need.

Our new puppy…already knows how to chill

If you want to play…

Speaking of stigma, have you noticed certain phrases that plague us? Phrases such as “wasting time”, “guilty pleasure”, “goofing off” carry certain weight to them. John Lennon once said, “time you enjoy wasting was not wasted.”

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to enjoy your life? Read the book you want to read (even though you think you should read something else). Play the game you want to play. Sit and stare out the window. Day dream. Dream about your day. It is all okay. It is all you. It is all this moment. The key is: be in the moment. Be curious. Be present. This is love.

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