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Aren’t alliterations amazingly awesome? Why wouldn’t we want wise words? Find friendly fellows; frequently fellowship. Okay, I can spend this whole writing coming up with alliterations. They are fun. They make me smile, both inside and out. However, we have something else to talk about: how to ruin your mindfulness practice. Just kidding! The more you are curious, the more you are aware, even if it is “untraditional“, the more you are moving towards something great: being present.

Before we dive into an incredibly important informative indoctrination (sorry, couldn’t resist another one), I found something yesterday that I think you’d benefit from. A few days ago, I wrote about What the F*ck is Happiness. Well, a more cleaner and concise and fascinating article from Walter talks about What is Love? Some of the things that spoke to me:

  • Everything in life is energy.
  • Love is energy. Fear is energy.
  • We can’t always choose our thoughts, but we can choose our focus.
  • Energy is a tightrope of focus: love expands; fear limits.

So, thanks, Walter for reminding us to focus on energy on love so that love may abound.

What a mess my mind is….good

A lot of people think that they aren’t good meditators or that they can’t be mindful because their mind is a mess. Here’s a secret: so was Buddha’s. So was Ghandi’s. Jesus has a messy mind, too. Every hear of the phrase “monkey mind”? It is true: our minds are fall of thoughts and they can’t be turned off. This condition is called “being human”.

We can certainly explore mindfulness and meditation (and we will in future posts), but for now, take these bonus links:

Have compassion on yourself

Wow. I felt guilty just typing that title. It is easy to type, easy to say, but very, very difficult to practice. We spoke before of needing to love yourself in order to love others. It is written in the golden rule: love others as you would love yourself. You can’t love others any more than you can love your own self. Start with loving yourself.

Here are two more helpful links:

Being mindful with the mess

It is okay not to be okay. Let that sink in a bit. You may not be perfect. You may not be okay. And that is okay. Hold your current situation in mindful awareness. In other words, don’t hide from your feelings, face your feelings. Face your issues. You don’t have to solve them, just listen to them. Pay attention to your issues. There isn’t a wrongness here. There ins’t a problem to solve. There isn’t a right path to take. Quite simply: be aware of what’s taking place in your life.

Yes, sometimes medication is helpful for some people and can even aid in the mindfulness practice. Yes, sometimes psilocybin and other substances are used in the practice. Although, quite often, cognitive-based therapy and mindfulness can go hand-in-hand to create radical effects.

Here are some difficult things to realize: mindfulness has no goal; being mindful doesn’t have an outcome in mind; your problems may not go aware by being mindful. And all of that is okay. Then why be mindful? There are many reasons, but among them: the ability to respond instead of react.

Let’s not make this complicated. Let’s do something simple. Here’s something I enjoyed from Mindful; try this:

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