Karma + Karma = Happy?

What better way to start a post than with a GIF? Am I right? Thanks to the fine folks at Paradigm Shyft and their post yesterday featuring both this beautiful GIF and some hearty steps on how to shift your karma when it seems like life is shifting all over you. Here’s what I got out of the article:

When life takes a shift all over you…

  • Accept it. Yeah, it may suck, but don’t judge. Seriously, don’t judge or push away. Hold that shift. Embrace that shift. Don’t flush it!
  • Reframe it. See point 1. Hold it in your lap and make it into something. That’s right, make it the prettiest statue of shift you’ve ever seen.
  • Meditate. We’ve already talked about a bunch of ways to be mindful and meditate, try taking a shift meditation. Take deep breaths and sit with the shift.
  • Gratitude, because it’s Biblical. There are MANY more religions and thoughts about being thankful, but I’m pulling today’s thought from the Bible: when someone dumps hot coals of shift on you, bless them.
When it happens, we should all be like Elmo.

Seriously, though, stop judging yourself

If you haven’t read, or at least skimmed through, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, go do that now. For real. Close your internet browser and go read it. In the first chapter, the author talks about the most ruthless, relentless, and brutal judge in the wold world: yourself. You are your most strict judge. I am my own most strict judge.

I saw this post yesterday about the writer judging herself. She did the right thing: sat with her emotions, felt them, named them, and then it went south: judgement. Have you ever judged yourself for having certain thoughts? Have you ever judged yourself for having certain emotions? Guess what? You’re human!

Learn to surf

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf. – Jon Kabat-Zinn

Life is shifting on you. Surf’s up. Let’s bring science into this. We poked around the question of what is happiness, and there is a newer, more scientific way of looking at happiness. That new way is called positive psychology. Let’s dig in.

There’s a great group forming what makes our life more positive (aka “happy”). They recently had an article about the 19 cliches about happiness and if they are true or false. Yes, some things like genetics, exercise, social networking, etc. all come into play. Even if you are predisposed to major depression, sit inside all day, and have no friends, you still have SOME choice (article 1) (article 2).

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” — Socrates

Go back and click on that link for the 19 cliches about happiness. Those are smart folks that know what they are talking about. There are some great quotes that will resonate with you. This Socrates quote resonated with me. I need to remind myself daily, hourly, and by the minute:

  • Outcomes are not happiness.
  • Current reality is life. Limit expectations.
  • Be thankful and curious with the present moment.
  • Love yourself now. Love others now. Love always.

And if that doesn’t speak volumes to you, then maybe this surfing goat will inspire you:

Surf’s up, baby!

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