Into the Unknown

Yes, I just titled this post with the song from Frozen 2. Let’s go ahead and get the video out of the way, so that this song will be stuck in your head, too:

Prepare to open your best present

Something I like about the Frozen movies is that they remind me of Christmas. Christmas is awesome. Christmas means giving. Christmas means (hopefully) getting. Christmas means sharing. Let’s jump to the point: you can have Christmas every day. Yes, every day.

Let’s start with planning your day ahead:

  • What’s the most likely thing that will happen?
  • What’s the most ideal thing that will happen?
  • What might happen that you can’t predict?

Now, here’s a secret: no matter what happens tomorrow, you won’t be prepared. You can spend your energy worrying about tomorrow, or you can gain energy thinking about the now. That’s good. Let’s put that in quotes:

You can spend your energy worrying about tomorrow, or you can gain energy thinking about the now. – Me

Here’s a quick link for you: Psychology Today’s One Word that Recharges Brain Drain. Spoiler alert: nature. In other words, stop worrying about tomorrow, get out in the middle of at least two trees (preferably more), and BE. If you need some books to help you BE:

You won’t be prepared

Let’s go back to the futile planning bullet points above. It wasn’t futile. It is good to reshape your thinking. Instead of your thoughts swirling around worrying about that one thing you are sure will happen (your mind never pictures the good stuff, does it?), you can force your mind to think about the awesome things that may happen, or even the impossible things that would make all your dreams come true. But, no matter what, you won’t be prepared.

Go back to the quote above. You have a choice: spend energy worrying about something you won’t be prepared for tomorrow, or you can GAIN energy in taking in the power of the NOW.

There’s excitement in the unknown

What is one of the worst feelings ever? It is sneaking an early look at your Christmas presents and seeing that you are getting socks. But, wait. It gets worse. Then you have to pretend to actually like and be surprised about the socks, “gee, thanks Grandma.” I’m kidding, but you get the picture. Don’t peek. Let that excitement about the unknown build; embrace the moment.

Here’s some questions you can take to your journal:

  • What if the universe is trying to give me something?
  • What is the universe’s present for me today?
  • What fear is holding you back from revealing your present?
  • What can you do today that you are nervous or scared about?

In case Santa is reading this and we want to know I’m not blowing smoke out my chimney:

Whether you are Santa, one of his helpers, or just one of us mortals, take your present of the now and open it up with curiosity and excitement. The universe has something great inside for you. Now go have fun exploring!

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