The Blessings of Being

Here you are

Congratulations. You are here. You survived yesterday. You made it through the first part of 2020. Chances are, if you have the ability to read these words, you have gotten through at least five or more years of life. Chance are, if you choose to read these words, you’ve gotten through many years of life. And now…you are here.

The past may have been great. I’m sure your past has had its share of horrible, too. The one sure thing, though, is that you are here now. You are okay. Even if you aren’t okay, that’s okay. You are made perfect in all your imperfections. Really. Honestly. If you didn’t have imperfections, you wouldn’t be lovable and you wouldn’t be able to love. It is because of the crooked smiles and the colorful backstories that we are capable of being loved and loving one another.

Now is your chance to just be whoever you are. Now is the time to be vulnerable and seek your true essence. The more frail you think you are, the more human you become. Just be you.

Never born, never dies

Who are you? Pause a moment. I dare you to go to the mirror and do this:

  • Look at yourself in the eyes.
  • Tell yourself, “I love you.”
  • Do it again, but this time, mean it.
  • Tell yourself, “I forgive you.”
  • Ask yourself, “Who am I?”

Questions are powerful. Questions don’t have to have answers. Read that sentence again. Our brains do funny things: they try to solve problems and questions. Here’s the kicker:

Some questions don’t have answers.

Ask yourself again, “who am I?” I’ll help you along: you were never born; you will never die. You (not your body, not your thoughts) are eternal. You are infinite. The space between your thoughts is you. That pause between your breaths is you. This isn’t religion, it is reality. However, religion helps point to the reality of “just be” and “I am”. Before the world was, you were.

Your body is a gateway to being

Your body is a gift. It is your tool to discover the reality and blessings of being. You have many senses, including the five most commonly known as touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. There are more, but most of us still haven’t mastered those five. Most of us continue to get stuck in the past or worried about the future. Why not taste the present? Why not feel the now? Why not touch this moment? Why not hear the current? Why not see the being?

What is presence? Presence is being. And being is a verb. “To be” in any language is verb to be conjugated into many tenses, but the essence of “to be” is now. Look around in your curiosity. Experience the reality that surrounds you. Dig in. Experiment. Investigate.

While you are being, try not to label or judge. Just notice. Ask more questions. Here’s a timeless question to start with, “are you breathing in the universe, or is the universe breathing you?” Take a deep breath in, hold it, release it, hold it. Breath normally. Pay attention. Are you breathing the universe, or is the universe breathing you?

Take a few moments today and wander in the wonder.

Let this song resonate:

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