Science Mike Gets Personal

I just finished Mike McHargue’s latest book YOU’RE A MIRACLE (AND A PAIN IN THE ASS). I started reading it a few days ago and posted about Mike’s and my shared affinity for pizza. After all, pizza is fantastic! And, already in chapter three, I could tell that this was a deeply personal book that triumphed the much-needed proclamations to “love yourself.”

Mike starts his book with an author’s note of caution. There are some trigger warnings in this book (literal and figurative). Meaning, you’ll read about your friend (his writing draws you in as a friend) who has struggled with some serious issues throughout his life. From his teenage years to the days before finalizing his book, Mike faced a slew of potentially debilitating demons. Yet, he assures you that your demons, while some may be similar, are just as crushing, if not more so. Mike guides his writing to take you by your hand and lead you through the path of non-judgment into the place of acceptance. He identifies with you so that you can identify with yourself. He loves you so that you can love yourself.


There are doors in your life that you need to open. Shame and judgment have kept those doors closed. Without being overly technical, Science Mike explains the human process. He uses diagrams, metaphors (human-dog-gator), and even stick figures to guide you into understanding larger concepts. If you want to be technical, there are appendixes and references aplenty. But, the goal is not science, but understanding.
Our brains have advanced, yet they need care. Our social involvement with each other has created a bundle of light and of mess. Reading this book won’t untangle the knots, but it will help us see the knots as color and beauty.

Mike is your friend

Mike shares a little of himself in each chapter. The first and last chapters are what spoke to me the most on a personal level. I’ve grappled with wanting to end my life. I’ve struggled with medical issues that have left me owing too many people, too much money. Yet, I’m not alone. Neither are you.

Hopefully, in reading this book, you will see that there are people that care for you. And, if you can’t see that, I hope you will recognize that you are worthy of caring for yourself. You are worth loving. You are worth cherishing. And if a book helps you realize this, then that’s a great book.

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