What Color is Your Morning?

Do you ever read an incredibly inspiring article about morning routines and the benefits of waking up early, only on days that you woke up late? I have a knack for reading such articles when my mornings are shit. I’m talking about dog crap on the floor, and I stepped in it mornings. I’m talking about those days that I have meetings that I should have prepped for but didn’t. It is always on the days that I skip my shower, get stuck in traffic, and forgot my lunch that I run into “the article.” It is a well-manicured, perfectly grammared article from a person I admire and pattern myself after. It inspires me at the same time it deflates me.

Okay, tomorrow I’ll do better. I’ll go to bed early tonight, set my alarm, and save the world in the morning. And then I end up looking like this:

Sunsets are beautiful, mornings suck

Watching the sunset is awe-inspiring. In the hour before, there is the golden glow that reflects off of people’s skin and makes them beautiful. During the evening setting of the sun, shades of blue and pink intermingle in a way only God could tell you, “all is right in the world.” The clouds alight with their silver linings; the stars begin illuminating the darkening canopy. Mornings, well, they suck. They are bright. They are blaring. Do you want proof? Then check out the line of cars curving around Dunkin’ Donuts and spilling out into the street. Ask any driver in any of those cars. They’ll agree with me.

And I consider myself a morning person, too. When they work, they are brilliant. I’m rolling the tide and cleaning closets. My journal fills up with ink; my fingers keep my keyboard warm; the refreshing shower cleanses my worked-out body. After a productive morning, I’m full of “om” and dropping bombs of compassion. I love my neighbor, and I think I even love myself. That’s a good morning.

Mornings have color, too

I was about to type mornings have feelings, too. They probably do. Maybe that is why they are always so mad at me: because I treat them with disdain. I bet they would be a lot nicer to me if I were more agreeable to them. Let’s try it, “I love you morning.” Come on, say it with me, “I love you morning.” Did it work?

How about we give our mornings descriptive color, just like I gave those evenings color? How about we set our intention, along with our alarm to wake up with a positive attitude? That makes me think of Hal Elrod’s book THE MIRACLE MORNING. In there, he has a brilliant acronym. I love acronyms. His is:

  • S – Silence. Before you check your phone, meditate quietly.
  • A – Affirmations. Tell yourself you are wonderful. 
  • V – Visualize. Picture yourself accomplishing goals. See it.
  • E – Exercise. Yoga is cool. So is walking. Do it.
  • R – Read. Graphic novels or erotica, read anything.
  • S – Scribe. Write it down. Spill your mind.

I’ve tried with a few of these. Even accomplishing half of the list works for me. To spend five minutes in meditation before reading the latest news about Trump or COVID-19 sets my day in a positive motion. By affirming that I love myself and picturing myself writing posts like this, I can feel a tangible difference compared to going straight to Twitter or Gmail. 

In one scenario, I’m creating the blank slate for the day and filling it with beautiful pictures of myself and my future. In the other scenario, I’m filling my head with toxic news and self-doubting media. One direction creates, the other consumes. I’d first create a beautiful and colorful morning than continue dumping grays and browns all over it. How about you?

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