Open for Business

Well, it is official. YourEnergyHealers.Org is open for business. This endeavor was building in my mind for a short while. There are a few things that prompted me into action:

  • I felt a calling within to do something greater for all of humanity.
  • I wanted to connect as many people as possible to their better selves.
  • I didn’t want to be in the limelight or seen as the one with magical gifts or special abilities. 
  • I have a desire to normalize things like energy healing and to repair the fragments of spirituality.
  • And, yes, I would like to fund my lifestyle, as well as be empowered to offer more in charitable giving.

It Started as a Shock

I’ve always felt a connection to a higher calling or a spiritual purpose. But what got me going was literally a shock. I went through a bought of deep depression and an overall sense of worthlessness. This season of emotion was deep enough to drag me into despair and suicidal thoughts. I begged God to take my life because I wasn’t brave enough to take my own. That higher power answered my prayers. 

While out with my family, I dropped dead via a sudden cardiac arrest. After receiving over 70 shocks in the emergency room, I was stable, though in a coma. One of my most incredible memories of this experience was being a place of pure peace. It was indescribable (though in the future, I may feebly attempt to write about it).

Life’s Lightswitch

After dying and coming back to life, I began to think–a lot. There is something special about facing your mortality. At the time, I didn’t believe it was a gift. But it was. Like Ram Dass said about his stroke: he wished the stroke’s blessing on everyone, but without having to go through the stroke itself. 

My gift kept on giving. Years later, I thought I was out of the woods. Not so. Sometime during the night, while peacefully sleeping, I had another cardiac event. Thankfully, my internal defibrillator brought me back. I was scared shitless. (Receiving a massive shock has a way of getting your bowels moving.)

I’m leaving out a lot about my mental health treatment journey, journaling, exploring, and finding myself. The gist of it is: I felt like “God” was playing games with my life. It was as if someone kept flipping the light switch of my life. On and off, on and off. Not fun.

Death as My Bedfellow

Here’s the thing: the sense of death follows me everywhere. What began as a nagging sense in my head turned into a spiritual blessing. One thing that everyone should remember is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are energy in the shape of matter. We are eternal. We have neither been born nor do we die. Yes, this is a lot to process. Yes, I plan on writing more deeply about this in the future.

My gift is having a sense of eternity. I feel and sense the energy within us all. There is a universal consciousness to which we all belong. We get distracted by the illusions of life. And most of all, I feel a burning need to help. 

I desperately desire for people to find their greatest good. I want the world to rise to its highest vibration if you will. I want love to abound. If this business can help in one small way (hopefully in a massive way), I’ll be thrilled.

May your day be blessed and full of enriching love.

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