Meditation: Observing the Observer

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This meditation is one of my favorites. When practicing this meditation, I feel the most connected to Source, or the Universal, Collective Consciousness. Or, if you please, this meditation is the connection to God.

First Step, Observe

The mind wanders and strays; it bounces along paths in multiple directions. The greatest meditators have not learned to tame the mind, as if wrestling it into submission. You cannot tame your mind by force. Yes, you can improve your strength of focus. No, you cannot control the birth of your thoughts. 

The lesson here is this: you are not your mind. If a thought arises, it does not define who you are. You are much more significant than your thoughts. You are pure energy and pure love. You are the observer of thoughts.

Here is the first step of all meditation: observation. Some meditations observe the breath, and others include mantras. This specific practice involves observing thoughts. We can liken this to the image of sitting along a river’s bank, watching the current pass along. You have stepped out of the water, no longer getting wet with its contents. You aren’t creating or controlling the water. You’re merely watching.

Step Two, Observe the Observer

As you watch your thoughts, you may begin to travel with them along the river. You may even start to associate yourself with the flow of thoughts. When this happens, as it will, bring yourself out of the water and back on the shore. Return to your station of observation.

After some time, you can begin to observe the observer. Allow yourself to go deeper into your meditation and notice the one that is witnessing the thoughts. This place is where we associate with the cloud of Collective Consciousness. Here is the Source. You are sharing the seat of God.

The things that happen in this space are unspeakable. Among the sampling of blessings include visions, healings, and–my favorite–connections. We are all one. When we associate with our bodies and our thoughts, we drift into duality. When we connect to the Source, we raise ourselves into One. 


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