Trust the Process, Not the Results

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Past Limits Potential

Our past shackles the possibility of our future. When we begin to believe the reality of past events and outcomes, we program our current mind into limiting behavior. This system dries up our creative energy, when, in fact, creative energy is wholely without limit.

Memories of the past are exactly that, memories. They fade and are imperfect. Inevitability, we attach ourselves to those memories, no matter how inaccurate they become, and form our identities from them. Failures and pain demand the most significant drain of positive energy and thus limit the future’s potential.

You are not your thoughts. You are not your past.

Process Enables Potential

When you aren’t bound in time’s past (or working against the wall of future time and expectation), you are free to explore the power of the present moment. You can concentrate on what you are doing now, without limit. You are free to be creative and focused. 

When the farmer plants his field, she cannot know the yield. The salesman knocking on doors has no control over the exact outcome. Or do they? 

The Bhagavad Gita highlights the essential concept of working the process without expectation or even ownership. Yes, there are rewards eternal and everlasting for those who labor, whatever approach they choose to perform. The caveat is neither to become attached to the outcome nor the process. 

You are not the producer. You are not the results.

Results Are Illusionary

When fields overflow with produce and pockets become stuff with money, it is tempting to say, “I did this.” No, you must continue to labor in gratitude as one who received blessings. Do not become attached to non-work, for benefits never come. And, almost in a contrary nature, working does not create fulfilled dreams. 

There is a blesser. Blessings come to those who work but do not identify as the worker. You did not create the fruit, yet the fruit would not grow without your effort.

Joy is in the Now

When you plant a seed, you expect growth. But in expectation comes disappointment. In disappointment, your identity further forms, and your energy continues to drain. The only place of pure peace and everlasting energy is planting seeds without expectation and having gratitude for the fruit that grows.

Plant in joy, not with identification or expectation, and your rewards will follow. In this, give thanks.

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