Space-Time vs Time-Space

Buckle up, let’s go for a ride. In physics, there’s a term called spacetime. The idea is there are four dimensions: three dimensions of space; one dimension of time. You are in a physical space (three-dimensional) at a particular time. If you want to go deeper than this, here’s a great answer from a physics Ph.D. from Harvard. 

The laws of physics set the parameters on what you can achieve in spacetime. For instance, if you physically travel from New York to Los Angeles, it will take you a set amount of time. (Fun fact: the current record for the fastest drive across the country is under 28 hours.)


The other place that’s not in traditional physics books is time-space. This place is where past-present-future (time) intersects with infinite space. Admittedly, this concept is hard to digest. Hang on; we’re getting there.

To picture this eternal, everlasting location, imagine the following. First, you are in the center of the universe. As far as you travel in one direction, you can travel to the other. Second, you are in the middle of time. As much time has elapsed before now, it will elapse after. 

You are in the center of infinite space; you are in the middle of infinite time. We use spacetime to give us definition and description. We pinpoint where we are and when. However, time-space is just as real, if not more so. 

The Eternal Present

With time-space, there is infinity. Past and future merge into the present moment. We find it when watching our breath. It is there in the space between breaths. We associate with the eternal moment as we begin to observe the observer

What is possible when all of time and space merge into one? Anything. 

Ryan DeJonghe is the owner of YourEnergyHealers.Org, an online collaborative of energy and Reiki healers offering services over video. Ryan is also the author of Energy Healing 101, releasing January 2021.

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