Rock & Roll Jesus

There are no religious documents that proclaim, “thou must be poor to be a prophet.” Jesus never said that quiet people are the holiest. If anything, he said the opposite

When we begin to meditate, or pray, or be spiritual in any way, we inevitably try to act the part. We give other people smiles, tell them, “namaste” and feel blessed in the process. Here’s a hint:

An insincere “namaste” creeps people out

The words can be different. You could say, “God bless you,” or whatever your chant of choice is. But if it isn’t from a place of sincerity and wholeness, then it’s just noise. Here, another Bible reference.

You’ve got to have pure love. If you want to know if you have pure love, here’s a test. Skipping the story: you have pure love when you learn to love 100% of yourself. Only then are you remotely capable of loving another person.

Loud and proud, baby

You don’t have to live in a cave, clothed in snakeskin, with armpit hair down to your belly button. You don’t have to smoke weed or even fast for 40 days and nights. You can be spiritual and holy just as you are. 

There is no right and wrong way to be holy. Yes, it IS possible to be humble as a person but proud of who you are. You can be meek AND confident. Gandhi wasn’t a punching bag for other people to push around. Neither was Jesus, Muhhamad, and Buddha. 

Modern-day examples

I love watching the wisdom of Sadhguru on YouTube. Last I checked, he was riding his motorcycle across America to learn about Native American spirituality. That’s badass.

One of my favorite meditations comes from Gurdjieff. This dude has helped me become more one with the observer, the see-er. This dude also loved to throw wild parties and buy alcohol for everyone. He may have spent a few days in jail, not for religious persecution. 

You are the guru

Some people judge gurus and spiritual leaders for their actions. Only they know what goes on inside their soul. The truth is, you are the guru. You are the teacher of yourself and the unifier of your soul. You find the path to your greatest good, and you know how to offer the greatest of love.

Ryan DeJonghe is the owner of YourEnergyHealers.Org, an online collaborative of energy and Reiki healers offering services over video. Ryan is also the author of Energy Healing 101, releasing January 2021.

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