Meditation is Useless

There is no point in meditating. Sometimes I meditate several hours a day. There are days when I don’t meditate as much as I try to be mindful. And, yes, sometimes the day goes by, and no meditation or mindfulness occurs. (With practice, that’s getting rarer.)

After a meditation session, a certain amount of time has passed. I didn’t get any dishes done. I didn’t write any new articles. All I did was sit there. 

What about the benefits of meditation?

Everywhere you look, you’ll find the benefits of meditation. You can increase your focus, you can lower your blood pressure, and you can even become a better parent. All through the magic of meditation!

Here are some of the lists of benefits you can find:

At this point, meditation is beginning to sound like one of those spam emails trying to enlarge my penis or make me the king of Nigeria. I’m sure both are beneficial, but neither is the goal of meditation. 

The thing about meditation is there is no thing

When you set a goal in meditation, you lose the purpose of meditating. Here’s the trick: there is no purpose in meditating. There is no end-game; there is no ultimate benefit. You meditate to meditate. 

Then why do I meditate? I do it to let go. I wrote this article about the biggest lie about meditation: that the practice is supposed to stop your thoughts. It doesn’t. Your thoughts continue.

A good meditation is like a good day watching the clouds. You sit there and watch; you don’t cast a line and get carried away. You watch one cloud, you let go, and you watch another—meditation watches. 

If you want to get fancy, try watching the watcher

When you become no thing, you are everything

When you let go, anything becomes possible. Instead of being someone, you become no one, and you transform into everyone. You become one with all. 

The truth is, the benefits of meditation are innumerable. To meditate for benefits misses the point. You meditate to meditate.

Ryan DeJonghe is the owner of YourEnergyHealers.Org, an online collaborative of energy and Reiki healers offering services over video. Ryan is also the author of Energy Healing 101, releasing January 2021.

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