Fun Fact: Dolphins Get High on Pufferfish

They boop, puff, and pass: a real underwater party.

Dolphins pass pufferfish to get high
#art by Ryan DeJonghe via Canva

If a dolphin gets stoned, does it sink? Wondering minds want to know! And if they get wasted, does it mean they are polluting the ocean?

Pufferfish, the Russian roulette of the sushi world, have a chemical in them called tetrodotoxin. When the pufferfish gets pissed off, it turns into a miniature version of an oceanic Incredible Hulk — with poison!

Dolphins, widely considered the world’s second most intelligent species, discovered they can “boop” the pufferfish and make them inflate. When the fish inflate, they release the toxins. The toxins make the dolphins feel high., yo

Pufferfish: the 420 of the deep sea

This fun fact was discovered by — and I shit you not — a guy named John Downer. Mr. Downer was out filming his 007 dolphin documentary “Dolphins: Spy in the Pod” when he noticed the mammals’ odd behavior., yo

The dolphins descend upon a flaccid pufferfish, “boop” it, causing it to engorge, and then pass it around like a joint. The puffer, obviously agitated by the dolphins’ play, swims off while the dolphins swim in their drug-induced underwater dance party.

YouTube comments never disappoint

Some of the world’s most renowned couch-locked-scientists offer their insightful commentary:

but the puffer fish is a gateway fish. Pretty soon youre on to the harder ocean creatures, like sea urchins and lion fish. Finally you find yourself strung out in the Mariana Trench, main lining 5 stingrays a day, wondering how it ever got this bad.

hehehe dolphins also smile when they high af

Fox news at 11 reports 5 dolphins were arrested and then shot by the sea police for illegal possession of a pufferfish. Interviews were taken on scene. The most popular responses were; “I can’t believe they even allow puffer fish in the ocean. I mean, think of the children!” -Megan Young from the popular coral reefs in Hawaii “I swear I thought I was going to die from those second hand bubbles. I sure am glad my children weren’t around.” -Selma Squidellson from somewhere in the pacific “nyaaahaahaaahahaahaahaaha” -Sponge Bob from a pineapple under the sea

Lessons learned

Getting high is part of God’s plan. The question remains: are there Taco Bells in the ocean? And, if so, do they stay open all night?

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