3 Biggest Breathing Blunders

Doing Breathing the Right Way

I breathe wrong. So do you. I’ve prove it: when you exercise, do you breathe through your mouth? That’s wrong. You are depleting your muscles and making your body work harder. Lactic acid builds up, and you become fatigued. 

This ironman ran 4 hours and biked 5 hours, breathing through his nose. It’s much more efficient. The ironman was recent, but we’ve known about the power of nose breathing for a long time. Billie Jean King did it–and she kicked ass! And the Native Americans did it–and they kicked ass. So why don’t we do it?

Read This First

I’m going to tell you three ways to breathe better down below (and be awesome like Ironman–or Wonder Woman!!) But first, I want you to make a note to check out this article. I’m legit not trying to trick you. I spent some time putting together stuff that I think will excite you as a writer: advice, contests, challenges, more. I think you will like it. 

Back to breathing!! All this stuff is from a book I’ve been reading: James Nester’s book Breath.

CO2 is Good For You

Do you see athletes that suck oxygen on the sidelines? That’s useless. The more oxygen you suck in, the more your body spits back out. You don’t use the extra oxygen. (Before you call bullshit, check out the book I linked above. It’s crazy, I know. But…science.)

Oxygen needs Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to release into muscles and tissues. Scientists proved our bodies need for C02 by playing around (that’s what scientists do, right? They play around?) by forcing Oxygen levels into people. 

Note: the actual study involves doggies, but I hate talking about experiments done on doggies. So we’ll use the words “people” and “humans” instead. Don’t you think that’s much better?

The more oxygen: higher heart rate, increased blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels normal. Less oxygen: lower heart rate (good), lowered blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels–also normal. Of course, if you cut off oxygen totally, “people” will die. But know this: less is better.

You Are Breathing Too Much

Most people breathe in and out around 12 times a minute. What’s the best for the body? Breathing 5.5 times a minute. First, this gives the lungs time to fill up. Most people only use the upper third of their lungs. In scientific terms: the smaller part. Take a long, slow deep belly breath and fill those airbags. 

Then, breathe out slowly. Breathe in for 5.5 seconds; breathe out for 5.5 seconds. Doing this and you’ll do the in-and-out cycle 5.5 times in a minute. (Paging Genius Turner for his love of life and numbers.)

How do you know you are breathing in and out for 5.5 seconds? Prayer. Another reason I copied Mr. Turner. Also, another reason to prove that we’ve known (and since forgotten) about proper breathing for a long, long time. Saying the rosary or Ave Maria in one breath takes 5.5 seconds. Saying the most used mantra of all history, OM Mani Padme Hum in one breath also takes 5.5 seconds. Hmmmm….pretty nifty, wouldn’t you agree?


  1. Fill the (in fancy science terms) big parts of your lungs.
  2. Give CO2 time to do its work in getting oxygen to your tissues.
  3. Live longer (maybe).

Tape Your Mouth Shut

If you had clicked on the Ironman article above, you would have already seen this: breathing through your nose creates more Nitric Oxide. That’s awesome!! If you are a runner, you know this is good. If you have a dick and want it hard longer, Nitric Oxide does the trick. Eat spinach. Eat beets. Take supplements. Or, breathe through your nose more, especially while exercising.

Do you snore? That’s bad. It means you are breathing through your mouth while you sleep. All kinds of shit happens when you do this: you have to pee more during the night, you are more thirsty, you aren’t well-rested. Solution? Tape your mouth shut. Not kidding.

A Summary in the Headline? Sure: breathe slowly; breathe through your nose.

In case you like those fancy bullet points:

  1. Breathe slowly.
  2. Breathe through your nose.

Of Course, There is an Ask. Pretty Please?

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