I’m on Only Fans

It’s only for the articles

It’s true. I’m on OnlyFans now. That is the place where:

So why am I on OnlyFans? For the articles.

A Personal Way to Show Writing Process

No, I don’t write in the nude—most of the time. But my YouTube videos aren’t personal enough. I have too much OCD and ADHD to do live chats on Twitter. So, you can catch me: mono “e” mono (without the actual mono, because it is virtual) on OnlyFans.

There are the girls that stream chess on YouTube and get millions of views. But they are girls. And I’m a guy who is older than both girls added together. 

I thought about doing live streams on Twitch (I still may), but this is still the most intimate and fully clothed way I can perceive in doing this. 

My tiers are currently free. I’m awaiting the OnlyFans team to approve my driver’s license picture before I can set up paid levels. Until then, enjoy my picture below as well as the free content.

Other Reasons Why

Besides wanting to connect with fans on a personal level….hold up. I don’t have fans; I have–pardon the cliche and puke-inducing niceness–I have a family. That’s you. You are my family, and I would love to hang out and chat about the writing process. And charge you for it, family.

Did I already mention there is a free tier?

There are also two more reasons why I’m doing this:

  1. As an experiment in another closed social media site, where subscribers can also make money. More on that below.
  2. To raise money for my nonprofit I’d like to start: Spread the Love, Inc. More on that below.

OnlyFans, like Medium, is what I call a “closed social media site.” This type of site has members creating content for fellow members for money. People make a pie of paid content for each other, with some members getting enormous pieces of that pie, some members getting decent slices, and other members getting crumbs.

When celebrities enter these platforms, they make the pie bigger, but they also eat most of the pie. See this short video I made explaining the celebrity effect of OnlyFans/Medium:

A closed system has no incentive to keep members at the table. As long as members paid the cover charge, the company doesn’t care if everyone eats, just that everyone currently inside has paid at the door.

An open system, on the other hand, wants people to eat. Why? For two reasons:

  1. The people came inside for free.
  2. The company makes money with ads.

Come inside and stay as long as you want. The company has food providers that pay that are paying them to serve you food.

My experiment is to see if my experience on OnlyFans is similar to Medium. Sure, there are considerations: who are the celebrity dinners, and who has been inside the longest. So as a newcomer, I want to see how it feels the same versus different. 

The other reason why I’m trying OnlyFans is to see if I can raise some money for a nonprofit idea I have. I’d call the company Spread the Love, Inc. The idea is this. There would be three buttons on the site:

  • I Need Some Love
  • I’ll Give Some Love
  • I’ll Help Spread Love

If someone is feeling down or lonely, they can click the button. Someone that had clicked the second button (meaning they signed up to be a volunteer) would contact a person from the first button—spreading the love. And if a person wants to help but doesn’t want to volunteer, they can click the third button and donate. That’s it.

All the money I’d make on OnlyFans would go to making Spread the Love, Inc. a reality.

Pieces of the Experiment

I watched the Hulu documentary about OnlyFans and thought of a few questions. For instance, how far will a person go to make money in a closed social media environment? In Medium, will someone set aside their values to write something that might be popular and make money? I have. Is it the same in OnlyFans? Where one person doesn’t show nudity but also doesn’t make as much money as those who do?

I also want to see if my service is worth money to people. I have a few projects right now where I’m giving. I also want to see how it feels to earn (and then put all of that money into a cause.)

What It’ll Probably Look Like

Like I said, I’m still waiting on approval to set up tiers. If this beared-middle-aged guy with messy hair and weird Twitter posts doesn’t get approved, then it’ll all stay free. If I do get approved, I’ll probably set up something like this:

  • Live-streaming the writing and creating process (creating articles, videos, etc.)
  • One-on-one chats with people to explore their creativity or free up their writing blocks or get to the root of their writing. 
  • Stuff like that.

For now

Drop your info onto my mailing list. I promise I won’t sell you anything—just free love weekly. And connect with me on social media.

I love you all!


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