How Much Money is 1 Million Views Worth?

Breaking down each social media platform.

The Tab researched how much money you’d make with 1 million views on each social media platform. I’ve done some converting and additional research. Here is the summary:


The creator program is where you get your money. A user with 6 million followers makes $1,400 monthly, but other creators make up to $14,000 per video. If you aren’t in the creator program, you may end up like this guy who made just $24 for 1.6 million likes.


You can use this calculator to figure out your earnings. If you are Justin Bieber, who has 114 million followers and an engagement rate of 0.08%, you can make $850,000 per sponsored post. If you are Ryan DeJonghe, you can earn $4-7 per post.


Petalcard reports people with 500,000 followers make about $670 per post. This Medium article talks about a user with 1.9 million followers that makes $8,5000 a month.


There are conflicting reports, but according to Save the Student, a 1-million view video makes between $1,400 and $9,700. While Insider said popular YouTubers make up to $40,000 for a million-viewed video.

Apple Music vs. Spotify

Spotify pays between $2,700 and $5,300 per million streams of your song. While Apple Music pays about $8,200 per million listens.


According to Financial Samurai, a blog with 1 million views a month makes up to $20,000 in the same amount of time, with affiliate links and sponsored posts will double that.


This is more nebulous. Casey Botticello reports Medium has 100 million monthly readers but only about 30% paid subscribers. We don’t know if any author got 1 million views, but in September 2020, the highest-paid author made $49,705.40.

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