Can You Love Your Pet TOO Much?


No, silly! You can never love your pet enough.

Our dog Frankie grew up on the streets of New York City. To this day, he still has PTSD from the dog catcher trying to wrangle him; he doesn’t like putting on a collar. He’s fine wearing them, but getting them on is another story.

I can only imagine the trauma Frankie, a Chihuahuas mix, faced finding food and shelter on the streets. My heart goes out to him, you know? So I give him belly rubs. He snuggles in bed under the covers. We share Dairy Queen (bite for me, bite for him). He’s my buddy, and I want to take care of him.

Don’t touch my human

Resource guarding

I may have taken things too far. Frankie now resource guards me: he goes after anyone and anything that gets too close. A German Shepard named Olaf (yes, he loves warm hugs) enjoyed playtime with me. Frankie disapproved. My Chihuahua-mix went after the 100-pound-plus sweetie. Bad things happened. 

Another time, my kids and I set up to play Throw Throw Burrito. When the foam burritos went flying toward me, Frankie again disapproved. Don’t get me wrong, Frankie loves my kids, but he doesn’t love them throwing fake burritos at me.


This past week, my wife and I went looking for a friend for Frankie. We were thinking about a 3-legged Chihuahua mix or a 7-year-old Pit mix (a sweet dog who was caged in a house and fed weekly….grrrr!) We took Frankie for a meet-and-greet. Again, things didn’t go well.

Part of our strategy to help Frankie chill is to hire strangers from Rover to walk Frankie–showing him it is okay to leave me. Monitored doggy daycare with trainers will follow. And, who knows, maybe Frankie and I will attend couples therapy. 

Speaking of doggy daycare, check out this TikTok video of a dog that LOVES to pet other doggies.

At least I’m not this bad….

My previous boss used to heat her dog’s bowl (the actual bowl) and then hand-feed the dog all his meals. When the dog had to stay at the vet, they needed to call her to feed him. The vet refused to hand-feed the dog. Haha! 

She also bought a lifejacket for the dog when a hurricane approached, despite living 30 minutes away from the shoreline. But that’s love. I think it’s cute!

Then you have friendship bracelets for your cat, dog, or horse. Your pet wears a collar or harness with an attached charm with a punchout, and you wear the punchout part around your neck or wrist.

Friendship bracelets for pets

And then you have tattoos. I’d really like to see someone with their whole body covered with the menagerie of pets they’ve owned: birds, cows, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs. Someone that was heavily involved with 4H. 

Fun pet video

I don’t think you can ever love your pet enough. They love you unconditionally; they deserve to be loved unconditionally in return. So I leave you with this video, “Cute And Useful PET Hacks, Gadgets And DIY Crafts For Loved Ones” Enjoy!!

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Dog dog birthday party

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