This Will Make You Question Facebook Groups

They have their uses but know what you’re getting into when joining.

A nursing mother’s Facebook group with 22,000 members was secretly allowing men into the group in exchange for money. The group’s appearance appeared safe: a closed community for nursing mothers to share photos, videos, and advice—the group’s admin controlled entry based on security questions. 

Thinking they were safe to share, vulnerable mothers of infants and young babies would let down their barriers and expose sensitive information, and revealing pictures of themselves. However, the admins of the group were letting in men for the exchange of money. The men weren’t only voyeurs, but they also contacted women within the group.

The group in question is “Breastfeeding and Exclusively pumping support.” Member Cassie Newcomb received unsolicited messages from a male member of the group. She confronted Melanie, the group’s admin, who responded to Cassie, saying, “don’t worry about those profiles,” and “they pay good money.”


Facebook groups connect communities of like-minded people and have powerful leverages not offered on any other social media platform. Just beware that a handful of people are responsible for monitoring these groups.

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