My Review of 5 Successful Writers

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I’m sure you can guess the secret of their success.

What keeps you coming back to the keyboard? I’d rather you reflect on that question for five minutes versus reading this post. Seriously, I’d rather you consider what motivates you to write than to read my writing. When you figure it out, then we will all do better. You’ll be more happy. You’ll write better. And I’ll enjoy reading what you wrote.

I’m going to look at five successful writers in this post. Success can mean a variety of things. For me, I love when people leave a comment. I like having conversations. For others, it could be money. 

What doesn’t equal success is vanity metrics such as likes and follower count. Better measures of engagement are comments and shares. Does it get someone to engage?

Genius Turner – Engaged with the Community

Genius stopped writing on his blog and Quora in late 2019. He has no other social media. You will only find him writing on Medium, at least until his book comes out (2021 or 2022). 

Within a day of posting, Genius has thousands of claps and dozens, if not hundreds, of comments. 

There are a few things that contribute to Genius’s success: personable, talented, and smart. But one thing stands out above all–he engages with the community. 

Notice what Genius doesn’t have: thousands and thousands of followers. He has about 4,000. He’s getting more engagement than someone with 151,000 followers that posts daily. 

Lately, Genius has posted about once a week. On those days, he will not only post, but he will read and comment on a LOT of other people’s posts. He may spend an entire day just engaging with other people’s posts. 

You can’t see it from the PC version of Medium, but you can see how often he engages with other people on the mobile version. You will scroll and scroll the page.

screenshot of Genius Turner comments
screenshot of Genius Turner comments

Here is Genius Turner’s latest post.

Nick Wignall – Passionate Topics & SEO

Nick is a psychologist that likes to blog about his field of mental wellness. 

He said on his AMA (ask me anything) that he makes “between $4,000 and $13,000 per month reposting blog articles to Medium via their partner program.” 

Nick made over $100,000 last year by reposting content and NOT promoting any of it. That’s right, he doesn’t go on social media and say, “I just posted this.” You can check his Twitter account for proof (yes, he sometimes posts links to his blog, but not to the source of $100k).

He said, “I think the key is to write about topics that you’re passionate and knowledgeable about and then do the basics of on-page SEO.”

Beth – Writing Every Day for 9 Years

Beth is a blogger on WordPress. Her recent review for Stephen King’s book On Writing: 

Screenshot of Beth's review on WordPress
Screenshot of Beth’s review on WordPress

Beth did a few things against the “rules” of blogging, including running it through Grammarly, tailoring it for SEO, making it over 1,200 words, etc. Yet, 269 people liked the post, and over 100 people left a comment on the post, including this one:

Screenshot of Beth's review on WordPress
Screenshot of Beth’s review on WordPress

People love Beth. I love Beth. Why? She has shown up every day for nearly a decade. She posts her writing–small, mid-sized, and large–and then responds to almost all of her comments. 

Dylan Madden – Consistency & Authenticy

Dylan is another blogger who has been in the game for over seven years. His advice in looking back: authenticity, changing up your topics, and consistency. 

Joe Galotti – A Niche Without a Niche

Joe is behind a legal blog. Exciting right? Maybe for some of you, but hear me out. He recommends getting involved with current topics and involving your perspective. 

You can find Joe on Twitter, as he shows how to be involved in the community despite being a boring lawyer. (Sorry, Joe, I haven’t had much fun with lawyers.)

Summary – Keep Showing Up & Talk with Others

You may have talent and you may find luck, but you will burn out and dry up if you don’t keep showing up for the right reasons. For those that have been in the game long enough, their reasons include communicating with their fellow content creators, writers, artists, and entertainers. We’re a broad group!

Here, I made a video to motivate you. Look for the easter egg.

Writing Prompts & Other Stuff

Speaking of Grammarly, they posted these 20 fun writing prompts that I think you’ll enjoy. It’s not an affiliate or anything. I enjoyed it and thought you would, too.

If you have any suggestions or patterns you’ve seen from other successful writers, leave them here in the comments. I LOVE comments!

You can connect with me on social media or email. I also have a weekly email list to update you on everything happening–there is no selling–ever. 


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