The TikTok Ban Hammer — #FreeGeorge

First the TikTok Vegan Teacher and now Timmy and George

FreeGeorge and FreeTimmy after The Vegan Teacher strikes them down
Image from Twitter

What happens when a 56-year-old Canadian teacher takes to TikTok to make sexual innuendos toward a 16-year-old British YouTuber? The vegan ban hammer.

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, also known as That Vegan Teacher, has been trying to rally her following of 1.7 million TikTok followers to convince celebrities to stop eating animal products.

Butchered for her vindictive vegan attempts, Diekmeyer took her campaign to YouTube. 

Apparently, TikTok had a change of heart attack with all that meat and took out the animal-binging teens, too. Yes, plural. TikTok booted both TommyInnit and his gamer friend GeorgeNotFound. Both having slain too many pigs and cows in Minecraft. Despite the ban, neither YouTuber is hurting for views with 6.62 million and 6.23 million subscribers, respectively.

As of today, #FreeGeorge is trending on Twitter, just behind #TheWorldsALittleBlurry (the new Billie Ellish documentary on Apple TV+) and #WandaVision (new episode aired).

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