17 Inspiring Quotes by Atticus The Poet -From His Books

But who is the poet Atticus?

who is atticus the poet and his books

The masked man, Atticus the poet, has books that topped the New York Times list–times three. Furthermore, his poems have conquered Instagram with millions of followers. But who is this poet Atticus?

“Love her but leave her wild.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

My introduction to Atticus and his poet books began on Pinterest. I would find something that inspired me to be more creative. Then I put the quotes into pictures and shared them on Instagram. Before researching him, I didn’t realize how popular and influential he was. 

Atticus – poet on Instagram with persistence 

Atticus began writing poems on Instagram in 2013. Within four years, he had 387,000 followers. As a result of his following, he signed his first book deal with Simon & Schuster for Love Her Wild.

“Love is diving headfirst into someone else’s confusion and finding that it all makes sense.”

— AtticusLove Her Wild: Poems

Similarly, this reminds me that writing and getting an audience takes persistence. For instance, it took eight years for Atticus to get 1.5 million followers. 

“I would rather have a body full of scars and a head full of memories than a life of regrets and perfect skin.”

— AtticusLove Her Wild: Poems

There are 164 million blogs online. Not many over 1,000 visitors within the first few months. Consequently, most bloggers quit within the first three months. Therefore, success is highly correlated with persistence. Keep going!

“Art takes time—

Monet grew his gardens

before he painted them.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

atticus poet books quote it was her chaos that made her beautiful
Image from author’s instagram

Atticus – poems with heart

“We are made of all those who have built and broken us.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

Atticus writes poems that cut to the heart. First, they will make you think. Next, they will make you reflect. Finally, they’ll make you bleed.

“She was another broken doll dreaming of a boy with glue.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

We don’t know much about Atticus the poet or his background. We know Atticus is from British Columbia and bounces around to Europe and Los Angeles. But, he keeps his identity hidden, which includes wearing a mask.

“She wasn’t looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword.”

― Atticus Poetry

Likewise, poems like songs are masters at unlocking the secrets of the heart. Therefore pain, love, and all emotion rise to the surface. 

“Thinking of you is a poison I drink often.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

Atticus – poet of mystery

Why does Atticus wear a mask? He feels a mask helps him write what he feels. In addition, it prevents him from trying to impress people. In his own words:

“I chose to wear a mask because I wanted to remind myself to always write what I feel and not what I think I should feel. I feel like if I wasn’t anonymous that I would start writing for the wrong reasons – trying to impress and such.”

While I don’t consider the poetry of Atticus particularly controversial, I can understand his desire to stay out of fame’s spotlight and criticism. Furthermore, this may be a tool to combat imposter syndrome

“Watch carefully

the magic that occurs

when you give a person

enough comfort

to just be themselves.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

When interviewed, Atticus said his poetry developed a following because he “truthfully and vulnerably.” If a mask helps you do this, then by all means–wear a mask!

Atticus – is it poetry?

“The prettiest girls shine brightest in the dark.”

― Atticus Poetry

Atticus is a master of pithy sayings (probably second to Naval). But does that make Atticus a poet? Some people may dispute his poet credentials. However, isn’t the beauty of poetry its simplicity? 

“Keep your head up, he said, you are a lion, don’t forget that and neither will the sheep.”

― Atticus Poetry

Later, interviewers asked Atticus about his poetry. He replied, “I love the short form. I love epigrams and aphorisms and turns of phrase and just trying to say a lot with just a few words.” That’s why people love Atticus–poet books.

“I’ve spent a life chasing stories to tell when I’m old.”

― Atticus Poetry

Atticus – poet books


I want a quiet life

other times

I want to go

a little bit

fucking Gatsby.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

Since Atticus the poet’s books are bestsellers, will that make poetry more popular? First, social media has had a HUGE effect on poetry. Since Instagram’s and Pinterest’s rise, poetry has received new light. But what about books? We can’t tell the overall growth. However, Atticus’s poetry shows even poetry books can sell very well.

atticus quote from his poetry book says when it comes to art it's important not to hide the madness
Image from author’s instagram

Atticus – the poet that inspires

“She was afraid of heights

but she was

much more afraid

of never flying.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

Because a lot of the poetry of Atticus centers around love, especially toward women, some of his most relatable content buries itself. But regular followers will find the pieces that stand out and become personal.

“Depression is being colorblind and constantly told how colorful the world is.”

― Atticus Poetry, Love Her Wild

Many people, including celebrities, are tattooing themselves with the poems of Atticus. Because his words are so personable, people want to wear Atticus’s poetry. Also, they can–of course!–buy Atticus poems in shirts, pictures, and coffee mugs.

“She was powerful not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.”

― Atticus Poetry

Which words touch you?

Are there words from Atticus and his poems that touch or inspire you? Have you heard of him before reading this? Also, what other poets make you think the most?

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