Harry and Megan – 3 Lies To Make You Angry

Harry and Megan in an interview with Oprah - 3 lies
Harry and Megan in an interview with Oprah - 3 lies

$260 million worth of reasons not to feel sorry for Harry and Megan

Don’t buy into the bullshit. We knew ahead of time that Megan would rub her belly and wipe her tears ahead of the $7 million interview with Oprah, claiming she’s living the authentic life feeding chickens at her $13.5 million mansion. But the truth is, Harry and Megan are building their brand.

Lie #1 – Insinuating the Queen’s racism against Harry and Megan

Oprah herself cleared the air the following morning, “it was not his grandmother, nor his grandfather that were part of those conversations.” However, this in no way excuses the Royalty’s ties to racism, slavery, and pedophilia. Still, none of the royal family is implicated in questioning Harry and Megan’s child’s color.

Speaking of racism, why didn’t Oprah ask Harry about the time he dressed up as a Nazi?

Lie #2 – Getting cut-off from royal funds and security

David McClure, royal commentator and broadcaster at BBC, ITV & Sky News, says, “Surely this is simplistic given that Charles granted him a generous parachute payment of around £2m for the first transition year and was well aware of the Diana legacy of £7.5m plus Harry’s own savings and those of Meghan’s.”

Harry and Megan will not lose their royal title. Furthermore, why are they complaining about losing their security detail? They knew about it before deciding to leave. Also, they wanted US taxpayers to pay for their security. Why didn’t they stay in Canada? Because Hollywood isn’t in Canada.

If they didn’t want part of the patriarchy, then why did Harry and Megan have a $40 million wedding, sporting a $400,000 wedding dress? Plus, in addition to the severance they got from Prince Charles, they got $260 million for a Netflix deal. Again, don’t feel bad for Harry and Megan. Their chickens will remain well-fed–authentically.

South Park episode Royal Pudding
South Park episode Royal Pudding

Lie #3 – Harry and Megan’s baby not called a prince

Harry and Megan knew the rules about their baby not being called a prince. Because this is a 100-year-old rule, it’s not because the baby may have dark skin.

To summarize, this interview was about brand-building. Harry and Megan continue their soap opera saga with Oprah. This was planned from the beginning.

However, does the idea of the royal family promote racism? Yes. 

Also, is the royal family protecting Prince Andrew and his pedophilia from the FBI? Absolutely.

But this does not change that Harry and Megan are playing to the media and exaggerating facts for their convenience and your sympathy. And money. Lots of money.

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