Best Podcast Apps- 3 That Are More Helpful Than Spotify

what are the best podcast apps
what are the best podcast apps? Spotify, google, and apple aren't cutting it

How you can find better podcast content than Joe Rogan

There are 1,750,000 podcasts in the world, yet Spotify keeps recommending Joe Rogan. But I don’t want to listen to this same shit. We’re in the year 2021. Then why don’t we have a better podcast app than Apple or Google Podcasts? How can I find an enjoyable podcast? Also, how can I find the best podcast app?

My discontentment has lead me to uncover great things for you. I went down the rabbit hole and found all kinds of cool stuff:

  • Sites that transcribe podcasts and lets you search for specific words and phrases.
  • Apps that act like IMDB, where you can see your favorite people and find wherever they show up as guests on podcasts.
  • Cliffnotes-like content summarizing podcasts, saving you time from listening to hours of talk in exchange for a bullet list of takeaways.
  • Kid-friendly podcast apps that tell stories, play music, and help calm.

Finding the best podcast apps

Most modern podcast apps are junk. They have a directory, a terrible search, and random lists. New users, like me, are overwhelmed by the number of podcasts versus the ability to find content. Instead, they give up and go back to Audible or playing music.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, does it? Among the best podcast apps, there has to be a way to search and get tailored recommendations. Right? For instance, when I go into Spotify, I get some very basic collections of shows. Furthermore, if I don’t know the specific show I want, the search is useless.

3 Best Podcast Apps That Are More Helpful Than Spotify
3 Best Podcast Apps That Are More Helpful Than Spotify

#1 Listen Notes – Google for podcasts

Technically not an app, but I’m still considering it in my list of the 3 best podcast apps. First and foremost, Listen Notes is the best search for podcasts. The home screen looks very close to Google and functions the same: you type in your search, see the trending topics, or click search.

For instance, I’m into energy healing. I type in “energy healing” and can see a list of specific episodes that deal with energy healing or find podcasts whose niche is energy healing. 

Listen Notes is a web-based searcher. It is very similar to Google
Listen Notes is a web-based podcast searcher. It is very similar to Google

Also, I can add the episodes I find into a playlist and share my list with my podcast player. If I pay for a premium subscription, I can save clips from within the episode, plus I can set up notifications for searches. This feature helps companies see when they are mentioned or find podcasts that may want them as a guest.

Instead of hopping into my car on Monday morning, searching for a podcast to no avail, and listening to Dua Lipa for the 1,000th time–I can use Listen Notes to have an interesting playlist ready to go. Furthermore, they have curated playlists that you can copy.

#2 Laughable – my favorite of the best podcast apps

If you are looking for the IMDB of podcasts, then Podchaser is the best resource. Like IMDB, you can type in the name of the show, look for specific episodes, see who hosts the shows, etc. But the best feature is typing in the name of a guest and seeing where they show up.

For instance, if you wanted to find every podcast where Barack Obama was a guest, you could do that. But Podchaser isn’t an app, nor is it my favorite. 

My favorite of the best podcast apps is Laughable. I love to laugh during my commute; it doesn’t require a lot of brainpower, and it puts me in a good mood. Laughable is similar to Podchaser, where it finds people in specific episodes. In other words, it doesn’t focus on one podcast but finds the specific person in various episodes from different podcasts.

Follow specific artists on comedy-based laughable - one of the best podcast apps
Follow specific artists on comedy-based laughable – one of the best podcast apps

Moreover, Laughable is, as the name applies–for comedy. Sorry true crime fans, I don’t know of any similar app for you. But as for Laughable, you can follow comedians instead of following specific podcasts. For instance, you can follow Tina Fey or Seth Rogan and get playlists for various podcasts where they are guests.

#3 Entale – visual interactiveness with podcasts

Sadly for us Android users, some of the newer and cooler best podcast apps are for Apple only. Thankfully, Laughable is available for my Android. Plus, Listen Notes can send playlists to my Android-based app. But some apps I have to do without.

In this case, Entale. This app works for the iPhone or the iPad. While you are playing your favorite podcast, Entale will show you various visuals. For instance, it may show you links to articles that reference the topic of the podcasts. Or, it may show you quotes from the speakers on the podcasts. 

Screenshot of Entale features, including links to other sites and popular quotes
Screenshot of Entale podcast features, including links to other sites and popular quotes

Above, you can see the screenshot where Tom Hanks is a guest. Entale will display the Wikipedia article of Tom Hanks and show a map and some quotes. The content comes from both manual curators, as well as AI.

Honorable mentions for the best podcast apps

Here are a few of the other best podcast apps that I’ve found:

  • Podcast Notes is like the Cliffnotes for podcasts. They type up a bulleted summary of the podcasts for quick digestion and learning.
  • Podible is trying to use AI to build better recommendations for podcasts.
  • Pinna is a podcast subscription service built specifically for children. It has kid-appropriate content such as stories, music, and bedtime tales.
  • Breaker is a social media podcast platform. In other words, you can follow other listeners and share each other’s playlists. Twitter has hired Breaker’s team to implement some of its features.

Lastly, while not a podcast app, I found Descript, which looks like a great tool to make podcasts or vlogs. Essentially, it transcripts your audio. Then, you can edit your recording as you would a Word document. For instance, if you say “um” you can see it in the transcription, delete it, and Descript will edit out that portion of audio or video. Pretty cool!

Instead of the best podcast apps, here are curated lists

Here are a couple of curated lists if you are looking for podcasts to listen to versus finding the best podcast apps. First is radio host Jacqueline Jax‘s list of best podcasts in 2020. Second is Sounder’s list of podcasts based on topics, care of Larell Scardelli.

Do you have anything to add to the list of best podcast apps?

I’m on the lookout to simplify and cut down on the wasted time of looking for good podcasts. Do you have any apps that are your favorites for listening to podcasts or finding them? What are your best podcast apps?

Do you have a podcast or vlog? I’d like to know about it! I’ve been trying to make some YouTube videos, but imposter syndrome has been kicking my ass. I would love your tips.

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