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10 billion people and the need to eat

Lab grown meat for sale. cultured meat grown in a petri dish

By 2050 the world’s population will reach 10 billion people, all needing to eat. Today, to feed this growing population, we kill 130 million chickens and 1 million cows daily. But what if we could feed everyone without killing any animals? That’s why Bill Gates and Richard Branson have dumped their money into cultured meat companies like Memphis Meats. However, when will the general public see lab-grown meat for sale?

Let’s unpack everything. First, meat problems, including environmental, health, and violence. Then the solution of this new meat that’s grown in labs. No, this isn’t like the Impossible Burger, which is plant-based meat. This is 100% real meat that grows in a petri dish. But we’ll get to that.

Where’s the beef?

In 1984, Wendy’s released one of the greatest television commercials of all time. It featured little old ladies madly driving through a restaurant parking lot to order cheeseburgers. However, their sandwiches were mostly bread and lettuce with very little beef. Then came the famous phrase, “where’s the beef?”

Now, according to Business Insider, just McDonald’s alone serves 6,800,000 hamburgers a day. Considering this staggering figure, you can imagine everything this involves: the land, the water, the transportation, and Dan Gorske (the guy that ate 30,000 Big Macs).

More people equals more problems, at least as far as food supply goes. For instance, when Popeye’s released their chicken sandwich, people fought and killed each other for it. Literally.

Would you rather pink meat or lab-grown meat for sale?

But the issue is much, much deeper. Or should we say pinker? Because animals are dirty (primarily through farting and shitting), it makes the food dirty. Rainwater runs off the overcrowded cow fields and contaminates our spinach. Therefore, Popeye, while trying to remain vegan and healthy, still gets e coli. 

Then what do we do to make things healthy? Wait. No one said anything about healthy. We want to make the food edible without causing immediate food poisoning. In that case, we wash it with ammonia. Do you remember pink slime?

no cow farts in these parts
No cow farts in these parts

But what happens if we make a cow that doesn’t fart or shit? Or better yet, a cow that doesn’t breathe, drink water, or needs tons of grain or grass to eat? Enter: lab-grown meat for sale.

Lab-grown meat for sale

Most people are okay with eating something if they don’t know what it is. However, once they find out, they become infuriated. For instance, the pink slime I mentioned above. Or, what about horsemeat in Ikea’s meatballs or oats in Taco Bell’s beef? As for me, I’m an animal; I love the stuff. I’m all for the McRib and Nacho Fries.

But back to the point, lab-grown meat for sale is supposed to taste like the real thing because–at least chemically speaking–it is the same thing. First, the scientist ‘mothers’ take a biopsy from the original animal. Then they feed their ‘babies’ with amino acids and other things proteins need to grow. The cells split and get bigger. From there, scientists can make endless meat without ever going back to animals. 

What does it look and taste like?

Cultured meat, or as I like to call it, “petri-fied” beef, is a collection of split cells–it’s a mushy bundle of protein. Or, to more accurately describe it, it looks like a slab of wet, light-colored ground beef. The chicken is even lighter in color, and is why when you Google “lab-grown chicken,” all you see is the cooked product. 

Companies don’t yet want you to see the gelatinous proteins. It’s not at all like shopping in the grocery store on a nice summer day, looking for the perfect steak to grill. At least Impossible Burger “raw” meat looks like the real thing. That said, we probably won’t see lab-grown meat for sale at the grocery store anytime in the immediate future.

would you buy lab grown meat for sale?

As for the taste, Wall Street Journal has this video of eating a lab-grown steak. But even in that video, they talk about how they can’t show the “steak” before the chef cooks it.  

Where can I find lab-grown meat for sale?

Because you asked so nicely, the company SuperMeat is offering their lab-grown meat for sale around the world. However, many countries–shocking!!–are working on how to identify, regulate, and safety-ify it. Countries like the United States have other battles, such as being allowed to call petri dish products “meat.” Is it still meat if it grew in a lab?

But, for those of you traveling through or living in Isreal, you can go to SuperMeat’s restaurant The Chicken. The good news is, if you fill out their application, you can eat there for free. No need to shop around for lab-grown meat for sale–they’ll give it to you!

When will it be at my favorite fast food restaurant?

More good news for you petri-dish-meat-eating maniacs out there. KFC has already started 3D printing chicken nuggets. Again, not in America, but you can get a cultured chicken and plant-based mix of a bird in Moscow, Russia. 

Speaking of America, I wonder if McDonald’s starting selling 3D-printed chicken McNuggets, would they have issues with their chicken machine being down as much as their ice cream machine?

There are two more Medium-specific articles for you curious minds out there that aren’t satisfied with the links above. For starters, Srikumar Krishnamoorthy talks about lab-grown meat for sale and the impact on various culture’s takes of food. Then Murray McCaig talks about how his venture capital firm is plunging their heads into the petri-dished food market.

better for the environment in energy, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, and water use

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