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20 Things People Enjoy More Than Reading Your Content

People don’t hate you; they hate reading Here’s the fact that most writers don’t understand: people hate reading. The average person, myself included, would rather watch My Strange Addiction than read your dissertation on gun violence and racism in America. Get over it. Yes, I know: America bad. Blah blah blah. But the bottom line–I hope you … More

Lab Grown Meat For Sale

10 billion people and the need to eat By 2050 the world’s population will reach 10 billion people, all needing to eat. Today, to feed this growing population, we kill 130 million chickens and 1 million cows daily. But what if we could feed everyone without killing any animals? That’s why Bill Gates and Richard … More

Cat Toothpaste - Funny Images of the $2 Billion World Industry

If you’re stupid enough to try brushing your cat’s teeth, here are some pictures to help you The pet toothpaste industry is worth $2.2 billion, and cat lovers drive the fastest-growing portion of that. Speaking of cat toothpaste, here are some facts: 95% of humans brush their teeth daily 8% of dog owners brush their dog’s teeth … More

energy tools for healing

Energy Tools for Healing – What Works Best

Dr. Oz ain’t got shit on me Why the fuck would you pay me for a 45-minute guided meditation? Stop. I’m not selling you anything. Instead, I’m dealing with imposter syndrome, and I’m also trying to give you some tools that will make your life better. Plus, do it humorously. Haha, you know? Therefore, here are … More

what are the best podcast apps

Best Podcast Apps- 3 That Are More Helpful Than Spotify

How you can find better podcast content than Joe Rogan There are 1,750,000 podcasts in the world, yet Spotify keeps recommending Joe Rogan. But I don’t want to listen to this same shit. We’re in the year 2021. Then why don’t we have a better podcast app than Apple or Google Podcasts? How can I find an enjoyable podcast? Also, how can … More

What does NFT mean? You can download a picture for free, but if you pay you have sole ownership rights

These Photos are Positively Free, But Tech Makes it a $69 Million NFT

What does NFT mean, and why would someone pay $69 million for a free JPG? Do you see the picture above? Yes, it’s a collage, but I have no idea what it represents. Despite that, I need you to do something. Move your mouse pointer over it and right-click it. Then, save it. Done! But … More

Personality Tests such as Myers Briggs are fun to take but ultimately flawed, especially if used to make hiring decisions

Personality Tests – 3 Reasons for the Crash of Myers-Briggs

#2 – The Myers-Briggs personality test is racist Why do they call me a fairy? I don’t frolic or skip or use the words darling, dandy, or delightful. But Myers-Briggs thinks I’m a woodland elf giving flowers to princesses. Fuck them. I’m Spider-Man, goddamnit. At least according to Buzzfeed’s personality test. Besides, who gives a … More

What is blockchain? A super easy guide for stupid people.

What is Blockchain? A Super Easy Guide for Stupid People

You can be the cool kid! Learn what is blockchain! Hey dummy, join the club. Last night I spent hours watching documentaries on blockchain. Why would I do that? Because I read someone spent $1.5 million on FAKE virtual land. Of course, I’m not bitter. (Actually, I’m very bitter. And confused.) I had to find out … More

Harry and Megan in an interview with Oprah - 3 lies

Harry and Megan – 3 Lies To Make You Angry

$260 million worth of reasons not to feel sorry for Harry and Megan Don’t buy into the bullshit. We knew ahead of time that Megan would rub her belly and wipe her tears ahead of the $7 million interview with Oprah, claiming she’s living the authentic life feeding chickens at her $13.5 million mansion. But the truth is, Harry … More

Symptoms for Schizophrenia You Absolutely Can’t Ignore

How common is schizophrenia and what are its symptoms? 20 million people in the world have schizophrenia. But when the symptoms for schizophrenia include isolation from friends and family, sleep problems, and irritability–how do we know the difference between mental illness and everyday reality? Moreover, with COVID-19, wouldn’t we all qualify for a diagnosis? Yes, … More


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