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9 Tips on How You Can Beat the Imposter Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome and how do I kick its ass? 70% of people say they have the imposter syndrome, but what is it? Is there an imposter syndrome test? Quite simply, the definition of imposter syndrome is where a person doubts their talent or skills and is in constant fear of being exposed as … More

5 Ways to Turn Your Ideas into Irresistible Content

How to turn your idea into a spectacular story your audience will crave Fact: Most of your time creating a blog post is spent not writing. You research, you make pictures, you create headlines, you outline, and then you write. After that, if you have any energy left, you edit. And then you share on social … More

The TikTok Ban Hammer — #FreeGeorge

First the TikTok Vegan Teacher and now Timmy and George What happens when a 56-year-old Canadian teacher takes to TikTok to make sexual innuendos toward a 16-year-old British YouTuber? The vegan ban hammer. Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, also known as That Vegan Teacher, has been trying to rally her following of 1.7 million TikTok followers to convince … More

Anxious and Depressed – Today Your Teenager is Afraid to Ask for Help

Knowing the signs of teenage depression that will make you want to get more involved. “Ryan, do you want to kill yourself?” Stephanie of the suicide hotline asked me. Soon after, the police showed up, handcuffed me, and brought me to a hospital for a week-long stay in the mental ward. I recently watched the … More

My Review of 5 Successful Writers

I’m sure you can guess the secret of their success. What keeps you coming back to the keyboard? I’d rather you reflect on that question for five minutes versus reading this post. Seriously, I’d rather you consider what motivates you to write than to read my writing. When you figure it out, then we will … More

How to Use Instagram to Make You a Better Writer

5 Tips to Improve Your Writing Using Instagram Writing on Instagram seems like an oxymoron. Instagram is supposed to be for pictures, and serious writers don’t do pictures. Or do they? In the last few weeks, I have found that using Instagram has improved my writing skills, including how I think about writing, how I … More

5 Incredibly Horrible Reasons That Will Make You Want to Write Again

“Know your why” – Insert Random Famous Author’s Name You stare at the page, knowing to make money, you’ll have to write something. You begin by working backward. You ask yourself: what do people want to read? What will people want to click? What should my title say? How long should I make my story … More

Francine Made the Best Damn Margarita in Town

A short story about a margarita Francine made the best damn margarita in town. People would crowd the bars getting a sample of her fantastic concoction. Old men would get four-hour-long boners; women would have dozens of orgasms; people looking to drown their sorrows found joy. The blind could see, the lame walk, and the … More

5 WandaVision Characters You Need to Know Today

Enjoy the show more by knowing the basics. WandaVision is an incredible show that ties together the larger Marvel Universe. The show is so popular that it crashed Disney+ when the latest episode released. However, to enjoy WandaVision, you don’t have to watch all 26 movies based on the Avengers to understand and appreciate it. Here, … More

This Will Make You Question Facebook Groups

They have their uses but know what you’re getting into when joining. A nursing mother’s Facebook group with 22,000 members was secretly allowing men into the group in exchange for money. The group’s appearance appeared safe: a closed community for nursing mothers to share photos, videos, and advice—the group’s admin controlled entry based on security … More


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