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9 Tips on How You Can Beat the Imposter Syndrome

What is imposter syndrome and how do I kick its ass? 70% of people say they have the imposter syndrome, but what is it? Is there an imposter syndrome test? Quite simply, the definition of imposter syndrome is where a person doubts their talent or skills and is in constant fear of being exposed as … More

5 Ways to Turn Your Ideas into Irresistible Content

How to turn your idea into a spectacular story your audience will crave Fact: Most of your time creating a blog post is spent not writing. You research, you make pictures, you create headlines, you outline, and then you write. After that, if you have any energy left, you edit. And then you share on social … More

The TikTok Ban Hammer — #FreeGeorge

First the TikTok Vegan Teacher and now Timmy and George What happens when a 56-year-old Canadian teacher takes to TikTok to make sexual innuendos toward a 16-year-old British YouTuber? The vegan ban hammer. Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, also known as That Vegan Teacher, has been trying to rally her following of 1.7 million TikTok followers to convince … More

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