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The purpose of this site is to enable my inner critic to finally be convinced that I love myself and I choose myself. This site is here to help me explore my own brilliant mind in curiosity, present, allowance, and love. This space is here to promote my well being and hopefully to foster the personal growth of anyone following along. That they, whoever they are, can shine, be brilliant, and love themselves, too.

Here are some of the latest thoughts:

20 Things People Enjoy More Than Reading Your Content

People don’t hate you; they hate reading Here’s the fact that most writers don’t understand: people hate reading. The average person, myself included, would rather watch My Strange Addiction than read your dissertation on gun violence and racism in America. Get over it. Yes, I know: America bad. Blah blah blah. But the bottom line–I hope you … More

Lab Grown Meat For Sale

10 billion people and the need to eat By 2050 the world’s population will reach 10 billion people, all needing to eat. Today, to feed this growing population, we kill 130 million chickens and 1 million cows daily. But what if we could feed everyone without killing any animals? That’s why Bill Gates and Richard … More

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